Product Spotlight - November 2021

AssetCommand Base aims to improve PRO logistics

Product Spotlight - November 2021

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No matter the size of your fleet, better organization, accurate records and control of service vehicles will lead to improved efficiency for your portable restroom business. 

DPL Telematics developed the AssetCommand Base as a solution to provide companies with a remote way to increase safety and productivity for service vehicles. The system is capable of tracking runtime, speed, trips, driver ID, idling, geofences, curfews, driver behavior and service schedules through an internet-based software package and mobile app.

“The market has been seeking an affordable, quick installing vehicle telematics solution with an intuitive user interface,” says Tony Nicoletti, vice president of business development at DPL Telematics. “In the AssetCommand Base, we have introduced Driver ID options along with an easy-to-use service scheduling platform to reduce potential safety hazards, accurately log usage and reduce unnecessary vehicle wear.” 

With countless hours on the road as an operator, safety should always be a concern for you and your crew. Among the many safety features the AssetCommand Base can provide, the software has a disable function enabling users to immobilize specific vehicles on demand to stop theft, unsanctioned use or in other emergencies. It is also able to detect accidents giving real time notifications of vehicle abuse while tracking driver behavior, monitoring speed, acceleration and braking among other actions to keeps employees safe and reduce the wear and tear on company vehicles.

AssetCommand can help with scheduling efficiency, according to the maker. “Using a GPS tracking system such as the asset command base, now managers and dispatchers have real-time visibility into the location and trip history of all their vehicles,” Nicoletti says. “When dispatching a truck for pickup or delivery, the dispatcher now can see which are closest to the pickup location and then contact the appropriate driver for the fastest response, rather than calling around to see who is where.” 

He adds that it gives businesses accurate reports to defend or confirm claims. “An example many customers report is an angry caller stating that a driver was speeding through a neighborhood or something fell off the back of a company truck and hit their car,” Nicoletti says. “Now the manager can turn back the clock to that exact point in time that the caller is referencing to see exactly where that truck number was and how fast it was going.” 800-897-8093; 


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