Successful Revenue Building Means Saying ‘Yes We Can’

Providing unusual and even one-time services to meet customer requests keeps them coming back

Successful Revenue Building Means Saying ‘Yes We Can’

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In building the business’ reputation as a one-stop shop, Waste Now Restrooms & Dumpsters of Louisville, Kentucky, tries to respond to all reasonable requests from its customers. Temporary fencing, containers, and waste cleanup services naturally pair with the portable restroom rental business. And knowing the market potential makes buying things like restroom trailers and fencing less risky.

But Waste Now workers have responded to less traditional requests, as well.

Waste Now didn’t own its urinal unit, for example, when a frequent customer asked if they could provide a no-frills, quick facility for events like beer festivals. Portable restroom sales manager Gavin Shook said, “yes,” and then researched on the internet. He found the urinal unit built by another contractor, and Waste Now purchased it.

Whenever he is asked about something new, Shook researches and seeks answers from others in the portable restroom or waste industry.

“It’s foreign to me (from past work in sales) that I can pick up the phone and talk to someone. In this industry, there is an open forum and people helping each other out as long as they’re not in the same market.”

At the same time, Waste Now is open to providing unusual and one-time services to keep customers happy and coming back.

“One customer pays us to mop his construction trailer every week,” he says. Another construction company hired Waste Now to vacuum puddles in a building from a heavy rain that occurred before the roof was installed.

“We’re young, hungry and aggressively trying to grow the business,” Shook adds. “We want to have the ability to do everything at their event that’s waste related — nobody else in our market can do that.”

At the same time, while they are eager to say “yes,” Waste Now emphasizes quality service.

“We always need to balance how much we can do and still maintain a high standard.”

Read more about Waste Now in the November issue of Portable Restroom Operator.


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