Product News: March 2020

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Product News: March 2020

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Reelcraft Industries retraction technology makes for safer hose management

If you’ve used a retractable hose reel on your service vehicle for any length of time, you’ve no doubt been slapped by or caused damage because of a wayward quick-returning hose. The REELSAFE Series RS7000 from Reelcraft Industries aims to make those problems of the past.

The REELSAFE system pays out like a traditional reel, though is specifically engineered to retract the hose at an average walking speed. The centrifugal clutch, integral to the reel base, greatly decelerates the hose retraction speed by up to 83% compared to a Series 7000 reel. The reel retracts at 2 mph — a rate designed to match the average human walking speed of 2 to 3 mph. The safety mechanism helps make the reel a fit for multiple applications.

“Really it’s a fit anywhere hose management is needed or required, including traditional washdown, potable and blue water supply,” says Jennifer Braun, marketing manager for Reelcraft Industries.

The reels can handle 1/4-, 3/8-, 1/2- and 3/4-inch hose diameters in 25-, 50- and 70-foot lengths. Options are available for low-pressure (up to 300 psi), medium-pressure (up to 3,000 psi) and high-pressure (up to 5,000 psi) applications. The integral clutch creates a consistent retraction speed regardless of fluid or environmental temperatures, safely protecting personnel and equipment. It requires no field adjustment, and the through-shaft fluid path eliminates hose interference during reel rotation. It includes a seven-position hose guide arm for multiple mounting configurations, with reel dimensions and a mounting pattern identical to the Series 7000, making it an easy swap. According to Braun, the additional safety component was a customer request.

“Typical retractable hose reels include a very powerful spring specifically engineered to fully retract the included length of hose full of fluid,” she says. “As the spring force required is considerable, if the hose is accidentally let go by the operator, it can do damage to technicians, equipment and customer property. Careful consideration and research were performed to mimic the average human walking speed and perform consistently in all weather and temperature conditions.”

A number of diverse beta sites tested REELSAFE units during development, and users have requested additional models, Braun says. 


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